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Astrology is not just the simple study of the positions of celestial bodies and their influence on human ways, but it is considered a universal language, spoken by many, understood by a few. Others may consider astrology, the metaphysical, and spirituality a ton of bogus stuffs, but you are here reading this because you are either about to believe, or you are already a firm believer.

Finding a way to merge the physical with the spiritual through the means of eclectic jewelries and accessories is something that can only be achieved by an intuitive, impressionable, and brilliant Adept Priestess. Right here at Andari Jewelry and Accessories, we have such a person, and we are proud to say that our products are nearly incomparable.

Our brand gives you the opportunity to physically experiment and express your love for astrology, all at affordable and amazing prices. You have to understand that each piece of our New age jewelries and accessories are unique, and suited for your personality and taste. You don’t have to worry about encountering a bunch of boring, knockoff, and unoriginal pieces of astrological jewelries and accessories.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, not all our products are zodiac or astrological based. We have cute and fun handbags, purses, accessories, and jewelries for just about anybody. We even have exotic silk scarves for both men and women, nothing spiritual, just plain old silk scarves to compliment your fabulous dressing.

Our Products

From us, you can order an array of cute pendants and necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, handbags, scarves, and ponchos.

Pendants and Necklaces

A pendant is never worn without bearing a special meaning to its wearer. Be it a sign of love from a soul mate or family member, a locket for memoirs, a special charm, or a special memento, pendants are everything but insignificant. A necklace is incomplete without a beautiful pendant to balance it out. These and many more, we can offer you at Andari Jewelries.

Glass Galaxy Choker Necklace

We can only describe this necklace and its pendant as a charmer. Just like the name states- the pendant is a round glass within a crescent moon. The round glass has the swirly colors of our Galaxy, and it captures the mystifying rapport of the Milky Way and the celestial bodies. The necklace is a silver-plated link chain with a linear measurement of 45cm × 5cm, a romantic appeal, and can work as a stand-alone jewelry without the pendant.

Because of its feminine appearance, we will suggest that the glass galaxy choker necklace be worn by women. For the pendant, the crescent moon is a metal made of zinc alloy, combined with the round glass, has a size of 2.9cm × 1.5 cm, and weighs 13.25 g. The round glass is a crystal and it offers all the metaphysical benefits of a crystal.

Be rest assured, the necklace goes for all occasions and is fashion friendly. You can also present it as a gift to your friend, lover, as a bridesmaid present to a blushing bride. This product goes for $12.99 on Sale.

7 Chakra Tree Of Life Pendant Necklace

This handmade pendant necklace is the perfect description of unique. The pendant is a miniature 3D version of the tree of life. The tree of life is a symbol of fresh starts, good health, positive energy, and a bright future. It is also the symbol of growth and strength because the tree of life is immortal; it never dies.

It is our belief that when you wear this jewelry, it will promote all the symbols of the tree of life in all areas of your life. It will also enhance your aura of attractiveness for all who behold you. The leaves of the tree are made with natural and colorful healing stones, while the trunk and roots are made of intertwined strands of copper alloy. With $21.99, you can lay your hands on this wonderful gift.

Blue Natural Crystal Stone Pendant Necklace

Unlike the previous two, the necklace is made with colorful beads and rope chains with an undertone of vintage jewelry. The pendant necklace comes in all shades and colors including turquoise, blue, rose, beige, opal, red, etc. Some pendants are completely round, while some are oval.

The pendant has a lot of intricate designs that shows an innate attention to details on the part of the maker. The pendant stones are natural crystals, and can be worn on any occasion.


Like any jewelry, bracelets symbolize the bond between a wearer and the presenter. It represents the never-ending cycle of love between people, and can be worn as adornments, decorator, or charm holder.

Big Stone Crystal Wrap Bracelets Bangles

This wrap bracelet comes in different colors and is considered feminine because of the big bright crystal in the middle. The intricacies of the design of this bracelet might be complicated at first, but on closer inspection, you will discover it is a woven web of beads, leather, stone, and metal alloy. The clasp is magnetic, and the jewelry can serve as a necklace or a bangle.

It is fashionable, it is classy, it is sporty, and it is casual; all making it perfect for your day-to-day wear or occasional adornment.

Stainless Steel Clasp Leather Bracelet

This one is for the men. It is a simple stainless-steel bracelet with a touch of leather here and there. It is compatible with any outing and it has no spiritual or astrological importance attached to it. It is just a regular fashion bracelet with a tension setting, geometric pattern, and toggle clasps.

The style is trendy, unique, and masculine. It is affordable and can be gotten for $17.99 on sale.

Zodiac Sign Black Braided Bracelet

This rope chain bracelet is made of black braided rope, zinc alloy, straight leather, and a round soul glass. The soul glass bears the blue color of your zodiac sign during the day, and at night, the magic unfolds as it glows green instead. Lucky you, it is not gender specific, and can be rocked by both genders.

It has a lace-up clasp, bezel setting, a measurement of 18.8 cm length, and 16 mm diameter. It symbolizes the strength of your zodiac sign under the influence of the moon. It is affordable at $5.99 on sale.


Rings mean different things to different people, but the most common symbolism is the physical appearance of a bond between two people.

Vintage Moon Astrology Leisure Ring

For the men, this trendy band is a silver copper ring, with a design featuring all the phases of the lunar cycle. It has the overall shape of the ring, and it symbolizes your triumph, at the end of each phase of your life. It also reminds the wearer that the moon always comes back to its full size at the end of each cycle.

It can be worn to parties despite having the daily wear look. It has a surface width of 6 mm, it is highly fashionable, and can even serve as your wedding band. For the women, they can get the Moon Phase Cycle Rings. The size ranges from 5-10, just make your order.

12 Zodiac Sign Glass Ring

This classic ring has a stainless-steel band and a glass emblem with your glowing zodiac sign. It is re-sizable and it is perfect for daily wear, dates, parties, or formal occasions. It is feminine, no doubt, which makes it a great gift for your mother, wife, daughter, aunt, or any feminine attachment in your life.

The ring is stylish, classic, and fit for presentation on special occasions of the year. Surprise your women on their birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day.

Water-bearer Aquarius Ring

For all whose zodiac sign is Aquarius, this vintage style ring calls to them. The glass stone has all the designs and pictures associated with Aquarius. The stone, on the finger of an Aquarius, will be their guide and boost their inner strength.

The band has a design of geometric patterns, it has prong setting, it is trendy, and can be worn by men and women. It looks like an antique and will not fail to impress anyone you meet due to its eclectic appeal.


What is a jewelry collection without beautiful earrings? Earrings complete us, different earrings give us different looks, it all depends on what you are trying to achieve.

Esoteric Star Drop Earring

This drop earring is both beautiful and powerful. The glass drop has a beautiful star sign or pentagram. The general belief is that the pentagram will protect the wearer from evil, and ward of all bad intentions towards the wearer. A pentagram is a powerful sign under astrology, and anyone would be lucky to wear it.

It is trendy, classy, and perfect for occasions such as weddings, engagements, dates, and cocktail parties. You can also box it up and present it to someone in real need of good old protection.

Vintage Earrings For Women

These stud earrings are in the shape of different zodiac sign’s symbols, and you can get them as silver colored or gold colored studs. The body is steel, the ambiance is romantic, and it is perfect for signature. It is trendy and deeply suited for most occasions, especially every day wear.

If you want customization, we can arrange that. Studs are at the height of fashion, so don’t ever worry about going out of style.

Astrologer Hand Made Earrings

This silver-plated copper earring has a unique design attached to it- perfectly cut colorful crystals with astrological signs. It is meant to work as a beauty charm, showcasing your inborn elegance at work, a party, or on a friendly outing.

Typical of high-quality crystals, your earlobes are bound to sparkle once you put them on. The product is durable, impressive, and suitable as a gift for yourself or any feminine figure in your life.

Asymmetric Stud Earrings

Though they are called stud earrings, these products are actually beautiful drop earrings. Made of Cubic Zirconia material, the design is intricate, unique, and cute. If you present this to any woman, you can be sure of securing a permanent place in their heart forever. This earring is unlike any you’ve ever seen.

They can wear it on special occasions and elite parties, because it is an icon of versatility. It can blend in with any crowd, yet stand out at the same time.


Now for the accessories, we offer you an elite arrangement of handbags to pick from.

Women’s Cobbler Multi-functional Large Genuine Leather Handbag

It comes in black or coffee colors. It can serve as an elbow handbag, cross body bag, or shoulder bag. The bag is a genuine cow leather handbag with a single strap, multiple inner compartments, and an exterior silt pocket. It is vintage, casual, classy, and trendy.

The size is 26cm 12cm × 25cm. It is versatile, i.e. perfect for all outings and seasons.

Luxury Designer Crocodile Leather Handbag

You can get it in four colors: beige, black, brown, and white. It does not have a long strap, just the usual top handles. It is a genuine leather handbag with alligator patterns and polyester lining. The interior has multiple pockets for everything you might want to carry at a go.

It is particularly suitable for work and business meetings. The measurement is 35cm × 13cm × 24cm.

Women’s Bucket Handbag with Colorful Strap

It comes in different colors, such as black, sky blue, brown, burgundy, and gray. It is by Daunavia and can be purported as shoulder bag or cross body bag. It has the shape of a soft bucket with colorful patterns on its straps.

Like the others, the style and occasion is versatile, so feel free to rock it at any given moment.

Scarves and Ponchos

Silk scarves complete our dressing, and they give us a classy, elegant, and stylish appearance.

Women’s Silk Scarf and Beach Shawl

The scarf is soft silk with different patterns and different colors. They are perfect for picnics, hikes, a day at the beach, or a group barbecue. Each scarf is 175 cm long.

Men’s Silk Scarf Muffler

This men’s product is 100% silk, and comes in six colors: yellow, navy blue, navy blue gold, navy blue white, wine red gold, and blue daisy. The pattern is plaid, and it is perfect for the cold in autumn, spring, and winter. Each scarf is within 135 cm-175 cm long.

Women’s Cut Flowers Hollow Lace Gradient Silk Scarf

This organza scarf comes in many colors and floral patterns. Each one weighs 90 g, and it is 175 cm long. You can wear it all year round, whenever your body demands it.

You will have to visit our website to see more products under each category, since we could only cover three each in this article. Our brand offers you secure orders, hassle-free return policy, and a 30-day money back guarantee. We believe in astrology, and we hope that we can share the beauty we see in the world with you, through our products.

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